teaching toolkit

Online Teaching Toolkit

With the process of “moving to on-line teaching” as a result of the current world situation, SPAE is in the process of creating an “Online Teaching Toolkit.” The current teaching PA resources on our website include: 

  • Faculty Focus (Effective Teaching Strategies for on-line and in class),
  • The PA Gateway (sponsored by Suffolk University),
  • NASPAA’s Teaching Resource Guide 4th Edition (Co-Editors Marc Holzer and Lois Warner), and
  • The Electronic Hallway (case studies – University of Washington).

This new toolkit will include all the above, in addition to syllabi for courses that are difficult to teach on-line, videos that focus on online teaching strategies, and a speaker’s database (guest speaker bureau).

SPAE Speaker’s Bureau

As a preliminary start, we have a current list of professors/topics for the speaker’s database. In the spreadsheet below you will find the contact information for those professors who volunteered (to include organization & email), time zone, their familiarity with various online teaching platforms, and the topics/subjects of interest (to include their availability to structure a presentation per ADA guidelines).

As we move through the remainder of the year, we hope that you will consider volunteering to be a guest speaker. If you are interested, please fill out the spreadsheet linked below and email it to Dr. Pam Dunning (pdunning@troy.edu).