teaching toolkit

Online Teaching Toolkit

With the process of “moving to on-line teaching” as a result of the current world situation, SPAE is in the process of creating an “Online Teaching Toolkit.” The current teaching PA resources on our website include: 

  • Faculty Focus (Effective Teaching Strategies for on-line and in class),
  • The PA Gateway (sponsored by Suffolk University),
  • NASPAA’s Teaching Resource Guide 4th Edition (Co-Editors Marc Holzer and Lois Warner), and
  • The Electronic Hallway (case studies – University of Washington).

This new toolkit will include all the above, in addition to syllabi for courses that are difficult to teach on-line, videos that focus on online teaching strategies, and a speaker’s database (guest speaker bureau).

SPAE Speaker’s Bureau

As a preliminary start, we have a current list of professors/topics for the speaker’s database. In the spreadsheet below you will find the contact information for those professors who volunteered (to include organization & email), time zone, their familiarity with various online teaching platforms, and the topics/subjects of interest (to include their availability to structure a presentation per ADA guidelines).

If you are looking to bring in a guest to your online course, take a look through the available instructors/topics and reach out to that individual. Stay tuned for more teaching resources!

As we move through the remainder of the year, we hope that you will consider volunteering to be a guest speaker. If you are interested, please email Dr. Pam Dunning (pdunning@troy.edu).