Teaching PA (National Teaching Public Administration Conference Archives)(Link)

This site documents the history of the National Teaching Public Administration Conference, also referred to as TPAC. The first conference was in 1978 in Kansas City, MO and has been meeting every year since that date. This site contains conference proceedings, programs, and presentations. When responding to a TPAC Call for Papers, examine this site to see what others have presented a previous conferences.

Faculty Focus (Link)

Through its free e-newsletter and dedicated website, Faculty Focus publishes articles on effective teaching strategies for the college classroom – both face-to-face and online. Faculty Focus was created in 2003 by Magna Publications.

Electronic Hallway (Link)

Electronic Hallway is an online repository of quality teaching cases and other curriculum materials for faculty who teach public administration, public policy and related subjects. May Hallway cases include teaching notes, and other resources created by experienced teachers.


Cases and Simulations Portal for Public and Nonprofit Sectors

The Rutgers SPAA Cases and Simulations Portal for Public and Nonprofit Sectors is a free, publically accessible online database with thousands of cases and simulations and related multi-media and fictionalized cases that highlight the advances, innovations, challenges, and trends in the public and nonprofit sectors. This digitized network brings together a broad array of teaching and learning resources in public and nonprofit administration, and each is directly available in full- text format through the portal. The portal is continuously updated and reflects the most current perspectives on real-time issues affecting the public and nonprofit sectors throughout the globe. This resource has been created for public and nonprofit service teachers, students, administrators, volunteers, elected officials, citizens, and researchers. http://casesimportal.newark.rutgers.edu/

Teaching Resources Guide for Public Affairs and Administration, 4th Edition (2017)

Marc Holzer, Co-Editor,  Lois M. Warner, Co-Editor, Dan Bee Lee, Associate Editor

NASPAA’s Teaching Resources Guide for Public Affairs and Administration, Fourth Edition, developed by the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) at Rutgers University-Newark, brings together a broad array of teaching and learning resources in public policy, public affairs and administration and makes each available via a web link. Over 2,000 resources and web links are provided in the areas of instructional resources, academic integrity, cases for the classroom, syllabi, textbooks and publishers, simulations, and teaching statistics/research methods. https://spaa.newark.rutgers.edu/teaching-resources-guide

The Virtual Museum of Public Service

The Virtual Museum of Public Service (VMPS) reaffirms the belief that citizens-as-public servants are a priceless and necessary part of our lives. The VMPS draws upon digital representations to depict the largely unrecognized achievements and sacrifices of individuals in the public service, broadly defined, reflecting their important contributions. The museum has over 30 galleries for permanent and special exhibitions. Among these are a Timeline of Public Service, as well as galleries dedicated to Women in Public Service, Science in the Public Interest, Faith-Based Public Service Initiatives, Firefighters, Philanthropy, Leadership in Public Service, and many more. https://spaa.newark.rutgers.edu/vmps