Teaching Public Administration Conference (TPAC) 2020

The 2020 Teaching Public Administration Conference (TPAC) was held in conjunction with the annual NASPAA Conference October 14 (Wednesday), October 15 (Thursday) and October 16 (Friday). This was a virtual conference.  The theme, “Building the New Civic Square,” was timely and significant to every program. There was joint TPAC/NASPAA registration. The “early” registration cost was $99.00.  Registration provided full access to hear NASPAA keynote speakers, engage in panel discussions live and on-demand formats, participate in workshops, and connect with colleagues new and old all in a new digital environment. Access to the content, resources, and tools on the NASPAA Virtual Conference Website will be available through March of 2021.

There were eight TPAC sponsored workshops and panels:

  1. Case Study Workshop: Enhanced Learning: Innovation and Approaches to Use Case Studies in the Public Administration Classroom
  2. Doctoral Student Workshop: Work-life Balance
  3. Teaching Public Administration Ethics: to Build a New Civic Square: Lessons and Contested Issues, Past and Present
  4. Historic, Artistic and Reflective Expression: Resources for Enhancing Student’s Engagement
  5. Differentiating Undergraduate and Graduate Public Affairs Education
  6. Empathy, Equity and Ethics in the New Civic Square: How Teaching and Practice Can and Should Inform One Another
  7. Africa in Search of Civic-Centered Public Affairs Education: The Promise and Challenge of MPP/MPA Curriculum
  8. Creating and Sustaining Undergraduate Education in the New Civic Square

View a summary of the TPAC Conference Presentations ( TPAC NASPAA Presentations )

The NASPAA/TPAC Conference Program Flip Book can be downloaded at

TPAC 2019 – was held in Indianapolis on September 19-20, 2019. It was a joint conference with the Midwest Public Affairs Conference (MPAC) and hosted by  the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis, September 19-20, 2019. See the details on our TPAC 2019 Page.


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