This page links PA Times columns that have been written by members of our Section in 2017, 2018, 2019,  2020 and 2021 on increasing the awareness of public administration educational issues and discussing innovative curricula and pedagogical approaches across a wide range of topics.  If you are interested in submitting articles please contact SPAE Board member, Dr. Gregg A Buckingham  Please review the following articles as they provide excellent insight.

Local Government Manager Education Needs to Provide a Broad Range of Skills and Abilities. In this article the critical needs for local government education are described. The author, James Bourey, highlights the role of a broad based experiential curiculum for local government managers. Read the article from September 19, 2021. 

Internships: Navigating Experiential Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic  –This article focuses on challenges experienced as internship/project coordinator while navigating internship and professional project placement experiences during the COVID-19
pandemic. The Albany State University (ASU) Master of Public Administration program is one among several of Georgia’s programs accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA). These three areas were the most significant challenges addressed –policy development for safety protocols, assessing capacity for alternative formats, and accountable supervision for alternative formats. Read the full article here from August 21, 2021. 

Teaching Public Administration Through Blending Learning: 15 Years Later: According to Josh Bersin, author of The Blended Learning Book: Best Practices, Proven Methodologies, and Lessons Learned (2004), blended learning combines six learning modes (reading, seeing, hearing, watching, doing and teaching) to build a course. Bersin described two types of course design: “Program flow,” and “Core-and-spoke.” In program flow, course activities are sequenced chronologically. With the core-and-spoke model, there are central course activities surrounded by supporting activities. Bersin’s thoughts on blended learning and Dee Fink’s concept of significant learning experiences influenced my course designs from then on.  Article by Bill Brantley February 12. 2021 

The Politics of Cultural Competency Education: Integrating the study and practice of Cultural Competence into public administration education is important. How important is it? As an advocate for a culturally competent public sector, I would argue that its study and integration are as important as any core course in a public administration program. This would mean placing it among the ranks of policy, law, human resources, economics and budgeting, to name a few. Thus, we enter the politics of cultural competency education—an on-going discussion on the degree of its importance. by Tony Carrizales
August 24, 2020

Partnerships and Collaboration through Service Learning: This article shares information on service learning from two points of view—graduate students who participated in service learning and their organizational partners. Both find participation in service learning quite beneficial. In terms of professional development for students, service learning continues to be a sound pedagogical technique that builds civic literacy, social capital and collaboration skills. By Gregg Buckingham and David Mitchell May 25, 2020

Two Minutes Before Class: In a world of online shopping, online newspapers, and streaming videos – education is experiencing its own online revolution. More and more universities are moving some or all of their classes into the virtual online world. But can asynchronous online classes be as good as the in-person experience? The answer might lie in the details. By Linda-Marie Sundstrom and Stephen Brown August 3, 2019

The Benefits of Integrative Learning Techniques in Undergraduate Public Administration Classes, As a practitioner retired from a career at NASA, I worked with many interns. Students often stated, “Now I know how to connect what I am learning to how I will use it in the future.” A central teaching tenet of mine is providing students opportunities in class to do what public administrators do in their professional lives. I help students think of their life experience in a holistic way, linking experiences across classes, extra-curricular activities and everyday life to frame and plan their careers. By Gregg Buckingham, May 2, 2019

To Teach or Not to Teach – Insights from a Practitioner Instructor by Stephen G. Harding December 21, 2018

Public Service Values and Motivation in the MPA Classroom: An Exercise by Daniel Hummel, Nov 2, 2018

Teaching with Multimedia: Value of Interactive Media to Informing Learner Support by Lois M. Warner, October 26, 2018

Today’s Teaching for Today’s Students by Courtney Haun, September 28, 2018.

Online Education: The New Reality of Education Delivery by Julie Swafford, September 24, 2018

New Age Teaching “Urges” Meeting in the Middle by Marvin Pichla, September 17, 2018

Public Administration Education by David Adams and Meriem Docette, August 10, 2018.

Teaching with Multimedia: Cartoons and Teaching Public Affairs and Administration by Lois Warner, July 30 2018.

The Value of Integrated Learning in Public Administration, by Gregg Buckingham, July 27, 2018

Community Engaged Teaching by Susan Opp, June 8 2018.

Trouble with the Curve, by GM Cox, May 11, 2018

Teaching through Multimedia to Bring Humor and Laughter into Public Administration Classrooms, by Lois Warner, April 27, 2018.

Practicing Public Service Values: Inclusion and Diversity in the Classroom by Rachael Emas March 9 2018

Transforming the Role of Higher Education: Engaged Scholarship by Susan Opp February 9 2018.

Teaching through Multimedia: Adding Diagrams to Enhance Public Administration Course Delivery by Lois Warner January 2018   

Public Administration: Theory or Practice By G. M. Cox  November 2017

Teaching with Multimedia: Cinema and Television as a Resource for Teaching Public Administration by Lois Warner October 2017

Lessons from Professional Military Education by Scott Cook August 2017

Teaching with Multimedia: Creating Better Public Administration Student Discussions with Visual Images By Lois Warner​ July 2017

Teaching Ethical Leadership: From Individual Action to Organizational Systems by Alex Heckman – May 2017

Using Video in Public Administration Education by Lois Warner  and Seth Meyer – April 2017

Reflecting on the Role of Public Administration Education in 2017 by Ben Tafoya – March 2017

Managing Controversial Discussions in the Classroom and Online by Michael W. Popejoy – February 2017

Teaching with Multimedia by Lois Warner – January 2017

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