This page links PA Times columns that have been written by members of our Section in 2017 & 2018 on increasing the awareness of public administration educational issues and discussing innovative curricula and pedagogical approaches across a wide range of topics.

  • Teaching through Multimedia: Adding Diagrams to Enhance Public Administration Course Delivery by Lois Warner January 2018   
  • Public Administration: Theory or Practice By G. M. Cox  November 2017
  • Teaching with Multimedia: Cinema and Television as a Resource for Teaching Public Administration by Lois Warner October 2017
  • Lessons from Professional Military Education by Scott Cook August 2017
  • Teaching with Multimedia: Creating Better Public Administration Student Discussions with Visual Images By Lois Warner​ July 2017
  • Teaching Ethical Leadership: From Individual Action to Organizational Systems by Alex Heckman – May 2017
  • Using Video in Public Administration Education by Lois Warner  and Seth Meyer – April 2017
  • Reflecting on the Role of Public Administration Education in 2017 by Ben Tafoya – March 2017
  • Managing Controversial Discussions in the Classroom and Online by Michael W. Popejoy – February 2017
  • Teaching with Multimedia by Lois Warner – January 2017

All SPAE members are encouraged to contribute articles related to teaching and learning for the SPAE column. Submissions should be sent to Lois Warner at